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Welcome to our blog for the travel stories around the world. We hope that the information provided here make the reader curious for the places we have been to, or informed about the places they want to go to. Typically our travel plans are a mix of touristy and nomadic. Often we go off the beaten path to savor local food, immerse in local cultures, and enjoy rendezvous with local folk. Sometimes we go road tripping! On other times we find ourselves dipping in luxury and cherishing all the expensive things that there is on offer.

About us  

We are a pair of unremarkable travelers with individual professional lives. Typically we spend a large amount of time on-the-road, both for work and leisure travels, thereby have gathered a significant amount of intel on smart traveling. On this site, we will pour in ideas and frequent traveler resources wherever applicable to help the reader become a pro at navigating the world.

Lifelong students of science and environment, we have developed strong interest in art and history. Through our travels we are continuously working on learning more about these to understand the world a little better.

Throughout the site, we have shared our stories of interesting vacation ideas, general information, warnings, tips, frequent traveler resources and typical costs associated.


“The journey is the destination”. Enjoying the passage through riveting destinations are always the mainstay of our travel stories. But we do have a goal to achieve in our lifetimes: as ardent students of history and the environment, witness all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. There are about 1,000 of them now (including the endangered ones). It is our responsibility to protect and raise awareness about the rich heritage the World still has to offer.


We always welcome a guest post or ten to enhance the experience. Having that in mind, please also feel free to add comments/feedback.

Last, but not the least

We tried to cover stories from the trips off-the-beaten-path to luxury travel, along with other interesting vacation ideas. General information, tips, warnings, and costs are also included without stretching the patience barriers of the readers. Please leave comments if there are other areas that can be included in this blog. Thanks for reading. Greatly appreciate your support.

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