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The breadbasket and the meat packing districts of the country, and the vast plains stretching out to the west through the Rocky mountains, steep canyons and fierce rivers, this is the Midwest and American Southwest. Geographically diverse and rich in natural wonders, this area albeit sparsely populated, brings tourists looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

Significant States/Regions Covered

Midwest (IL, WI and the flyover states)   |   Southwest (TX, NM, AZ, UT, CO)   |    Mountain   (CO, WY, MT, ID)

Brief History

With land changing hands several times, natives fighting for rights, and unforgiving landscape gave rise to historical events that underline the stories of the triumphant and the defeated over the centuries. Dispute with geo-political boundaries have stuck with this region forever. On one hand, geographical barriers, like the Rocky mountains and Mississippi river create natural boundaries, but on the other hand, far stretching Mojave desert caused fight for land between US and Mexico. From a traveler’s perspective, significance of history defining moments and landmarks are of paramount importance in order to navigate this region.

In the north, the Great lakes area were the dwellings of several Indian tribes, later conceded to the Union in the 19th century. Opening of trade channels along the Mississippi river and connecting the lakes to the Atlantic ocean in 20th century expanded the population to the southern Midwestern states. The great American Southwest (a.k.a. the Wild West) was still dominated by unorganized tribes. California Gold Rush in mid-1800’s brought some westerners who invaded and later settled in the area. As depicted in Clint Eastwood classics, there was constant struggle between the tribal folk and their western counterparts in the barren lands. The wild west was connected to the ‘more civil’ Midwest through Route 66 in 1920’s, that brought traders as well as treasure and bounty hunters. Even in the modern world, remnants of bloody battles and archaic artifacts can be found in protected sites and parks.

Things to do

From relatively smaller yet vibrant Midwestern cities to the arid landscapes in the south, we will cover the region with ideas to fill in an adventure lover’s artillery. Find weekend retreat ideas to long road trips, spending a night in the wild to dipping in luxury, all in one place.

Cityscape.jpg Midwest Chicago, IL
Southwest Albuquerque, NM
Southwest Austin, TX


Parks and Recreation
arches-delicate-arch Southwest Arches National Park, UT
Southwest Zion National Park, UT
Southwest Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Southwest Canyonlands National Park, UT
Southwest Monument Valley, AZ

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