Canyonlands National Park

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This one is a humongous park with three different sections – Island in the sky, The Maze and The Needles. The Maze and Needles are not accessible from the Island in the sky. Our POI was Island in the Sky and the primary spots – Green River Outlook, Upheaval Dome and Grand View. From the Green River outlook, we could see the entire river valley with the canyons and the bends of the river.


Green River Valley

Geologically, the two mighty rivers – Green River and Colorado River flowing together in the park has created the three segments and the entire landscape of this area. There are not many paved roads for normal cars but if you have a 4×4, lot of off-roads are available to explore the canyon and the river banks. Find out more information about the national park system here.Canyonlands 3.jpg

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