Road Tripping

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Sometimes in the dreams of travelers, the journey becomes the destination. That when paired with an ability to steer in unplanned directions and path less taken, calls for a road trip. We find utmost pleasure in indulging in impromptu road trips, but sometimes we do endure long semi-planned excursions.

There are many famous road trips, especially in the USA, including some of the most scenic and dramatic highways. In the spirit of sharing our experiences in doing road trips both week-long ones and day trips, we have included as much pertinent information as possible along with some of the pictures to allure you to take up that journey.

Here is a selection of our most favorite ‘journey’s. Feel free to reach out for additional information. We will be happy to assist you in your trip planning.

Trip Name Travel Review Key Places of Interest

Vermont Route 100


The scenic state road VT 100 going through lakes, waterfalls, ski resorts and quaint towns, is indeed “The Road Not Taken” appropriately written by Robert Frost in Vermont, the Green Mountain State.

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Covered Bridges

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory

Ski Resorts

Green Mountain State Park

The Canyons Circle Trip, USA


In a journey to unknowns, through barely traveled roads, with only a dream in mind, and the best friend for company, we set out to look at mother Earth at its best – the spectacular canyons of the American south-west. In this journey through historic crossroads and beautiful formations, we drove more than 3,500 miles for 8 days with Tom Petty and Pink Floyd-on repeat. Read More Monument Valley

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

Capitol Reef

Arches National Park

Canyonlands National Park

The Road to Hana, Hawaii


Through winding roads and picturesque sites, the 50 odd mile stretch between Paia and Hana showcases the diverse beauty of the Maui coastline and is an ode to the tropical rainforest the island hosts.

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Coastal Views

Kancamagus Highway, NH


As residents of the New England area, fall is a particularly exciting season for us. Perfect time to hit the road on a sunny weekend for a day or a weekend getaway to catch the exuberant fall foliage and festivities in the local towns.

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Albany Covered Bridge

Sabbaday Falls

Kancamagus Pass

Overlooks to the valleys