Travel Tools

Almost everyone loves traveling and explore new land. But ever wondered how people manage time and money to budget for their travels? Even if we can take vacation times, how do you cope with the stress of traveling abroad or to exotic places where wi-fi and credit cards cannot save us? Do we have to be rich in order to afford luxury travel and boutique hotels? I want to visit 100 countries and swim in 5 oceans, but is that even possible in a lifetime?

We dwelled upon these for a while too, but things started getting clearer once we started traveling and we started learning the tips and tricks to make travel part of our lives. We had a few teenage travel goals, and had some dreams that was put on hold. Then came a time of our lives when we even started traveling for work, every week. Our goal to visit several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites now does not seem a distant dream. And to make this more fun, we started picking up hobbies that chime well with traveling. Check out what we love the most and learn how you can pick up hobbies that enhance your travel experience in our About page.

So here is our humble effort to summarize some lessons learned. Click on the links below to learn more –

Essential Travel Tips

Top picks of essential travel tips that we swear by to maximize the fun and minimize travel stress.

Frequent Traveler Resources

Discuss and share insights on gathering miles and points for airlines, rental cars, hotels and much more.  

Cheat Sheet for traveling with a Baby

There is no reason for the adventures to pause when the family expands, even in the early days. Here is a cheat sheet of everything a parent with traveler blood in them. We give less credit to babies on their adaptability. These 11 essential tips will help you enjoy the adventures on the road.