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Located in the Dutch Antilles, with wide sandy beaches and abundant natural beauty, it is a popular tropical paradise. Only 19 miles in length, Aruba boasts a plethora of diverse terrains, from
windy and rocky coastline in the east to charming quiet beaches in the west and arid deserts full of cacti in the middle.

Just like any other Caribbean islands, it can get expensive but there are a multitude of ways to tailor your vacation plans to fit your budget. Whether you are looking to indulge in luxury or trying to explore local fare, our guide should provide you with ample information to help you plan.

The Fundamentals: Geology, Environment and History

Even before we dive into planning our days for a memorable tropical vacation, let’s spend some time in reviewing the geography of the island that will be a big input in designing the itinerary. The island is located very close to the equator, just a few miles off the coast of Venezuela. The trade winds coming in from East are very strong (it gets stronger as you go nearer to the equator due to the Earth’s rotation). So the eastern side of the island gets hammered by the trade winds depicted by the flat top cypress trees, sharp coastline and heavy surf making it impossible to get into the water. While the west side of the island being protected from the wind, boasts the pristine beaches. The narrow strip of land stretching about 19 miles, contains an arid landscape peppered by cacti and historical sites.

Itinerary: 4 Days in Aruba

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Top Ten Things to Do

Find hidden gems, take a road trip around the island, hike or go off the beaten path

Food and Drinks: Our Favorites

From exploring local cuisine, money saving ideas to indulging in world class restaurants

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