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No matter what your preferences are while on the road, getting to know a culture is best done over a meal and/or some drinks. Like all other Caribbean islands, Aruba does have a plethora of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. But Dutch influence in the island is quite apparent when you look for places to eat or drink. We are listing down some of our favorites and popular places including the truly local restaurants.

  1. Bare Foot Restaurant: Topping our list for ambiance, food quality and service. We found a seat on the beach right after sunset, enjoying the warm sea breeze and soft sand under the feet. The cocktails (e.g. Aruba Ariba) are to die for, and the delectable Caribbean cuisine better than all other fancy restaurants we tried. Definitely a must do for at least one dinner while in the island. Good for Dinner
  2. Papiamento: Elegance and fine dining at its best. Not a sea-side restaurant, but with the outdoor seating nestled with plants and a large pool, dinner time is going to lit up for sure. Fairly expensive, and mostly caters to cruise ship tourists. You won’t get a local flare, but if you are looking for a good time with family and friends to splurge, you are in the right place. Good for Dinner
  3. Wacky Wahoo’s: Now, our favorite local-ish restaurant is this gem in the Noord area. Has a ton of seafood delights, and well trained servers eloquent in multiple languages, who can share interesting anecdotes about the food and cuisine. At a medium price point, worth a visit if you are in the area. Good for Lunch/Dinner
  4. Kamini’s Kitchen: Well, in the south side of the island, while hopping between beaches, stop by this place that locals flock to. From the typical fried seafood to well seasoned Caribbean jerk dishes, and the casual chats with fellow patrons, this is a place you will not regret. Good for any meal
  5. Linda’s Dutch Pancakes: Finally, a breakfast item that you cannot miss while in Aruba are Dutch Pancakes. While there are a few options to choose from, we found Linda’s to be the best in terms of ambiance and options. All outside seating with only ceiling fans to cool off, so may be dress accordingly. Good for Breakfast

While there are a ton of restaurants around here, but if you would like to cook, there are numerous supermarkets (mostly Asian) and grocery stores here to buy standard items including local stuff. In terms of drinks, our favorite has been the ‘Aruba Ariba’.

Outside the above, there are several beachside restaurants like “Flying Fishbone”, “Matthews’ Restaurant”, “Faro Blanco”, etc. to satisfy the pallets. There is a local brew of beer called Balashi, a lager style, turned out to be really nice.

Check out our Tripadvisor reviews for the above places here.

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