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Machu Picchu – The Lost Incan City

Was it a citadel, a summer get-away for the Inca Emperors or was it a fortress protecting something stunningly valuable? While archaeologists and historians search for answers, millions of tourists flock to the mystical paradise of Machu Picchu to soak in the mysteries, explore the engineering feats of the Incas and glide (metaphorically) over breath-taking panoramas atop the mountains! Located

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Essential Tips and Travel-Hacks for Traveling with a Baby

In our quest to explore the cultures around the world, we have to navigate many challenges, some driven by life-altering events. Last year, we had an angel step into our lives with her tiny feet, but already has managed to leave large footprints. Lifestyle alterations (read sacrifices sometimes) aside, the journey so far have been fun. But our philosophy of

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Aruba: 4 Day Itinerary

Back to Aruba Home Whether you are looking for a calm and serene time disconnected from the stress and maddening crowd, or a hardcore water-sport enthusiast, your time in the Caribbean can be rewarding if you choose carefully. While you cannot necessarily go wrong in your choice of the island (out of hundred-odd named ones), a bit of high level

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