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The land of Braveheart, scotch, scintillating mountains and historic castles, Scotland is one of the most scenic and beautiful countries of the world. Fairly well connected via high-speed trains and road system, it is easy to travel around the country with the added bonus of appreciating the scenic landscape through the window.

In our journey from England, we took the Virgin Rail to Edinburgh (pronounced edin-borough). After a 4-5 hours journey through changing landscapes from little farmhouses, placid plains to rocky coastlines and Scottish highlands, the city of Edinburgh welcomed us with its architectural gems and a captivating urban-scape.

Here are a few places in this amazing country that a visitor should not miss –


Established in the 1200’s by King David I, it is one of the earliest Scottish burghs, is protected by the royal fortress at the top of the hill. The city as it stands now was built around the Edinburgh castle which can be visible from almost all parts of the city. But apart from the castle itself, there are a lot of attractions nearby and mostly in walk-able distances. Read more about a day in Edinburgh.