New York

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The land of the big apple, wall street, Niagara falls, and the cornerstone of the American dream, the state of New York is one of the richest states in the country. Even with the rising population, threat of severe weather and costly living conditions, the state welcomes visitors and non-residents with equal warmth.

Just the sheer size and the abundance of ‘things to do’s in the city can be overwhelming for a first time tourist. We have spent a lot of time the city for business and pleasure over the years, and think we should recommend a good itinerary for first timers

It is not surprising that even the city residents may not have explored all parts of the city. In our coverage, we are trying to paint an introductory picture with some diverse experiences, including the must-do’s in a 2-3 day itinerary. There is a ton of material in the web-sphere on food in NYC, so will just include strategic choices in a 2-3 day itinerary.

Niagara Falls

Growing up in south east Asia, we had an impression that the famous Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Walking into the park to get the first sight of it from the American side (more details later) seemed to justify that notion. When looking at it from the Canadian side, the grandeur surely reinforced the apparent knowledge, albeit not true.

If you have a choice, go to the Canada side or start from the American side and spend a day from the other side. But regardless, you will not need more than 2 days. Check out the sample itinerary for a first time visitor perspective here.