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Probably the most picturesque and diverse islands in the state, Maui has an array of quaint beaches, volcanic parks, extinct craters that resemble Mars, scenic and dangerous highways, and an amazing food scene.

We spent just three days in Maui, with the majority time spent for the three following activities – Drive to Hana, Haleakala Crater, and Lua’u dinner.

Haleakala Crater

Ever been to the Moon? Mars? No? Then make a day trip to the top of the Haleakala crater merely a couple of hours’, albeit adventurous, drive to witness how the surface of any


View from the summit

unearthly planet may look. There are no active volcanoes in Maui anymore, but Haleakala, one of the tallest volcanoes in the world, marks proof that some million years ago, it used to be like what Big Island is now. About 2 hours drive from the sea level town of Paia, the Haleakala national park is a trip well worth the adventure. Read more on our experience of climbing to the top of the summit and much more.

Drive to Hana

The Mushtang with top down, muscled through the 600 odd switchbacks, 50 odd narrow single lane bridges, and plenty of dramatic panoramas, as we took the coastal highway to Hana. It is a drive not for the faint-hearted; slippery, curvy and often steep roads coupled with aggressive drivers will keep someone on their first trip to Hana on the edge of the seat. However heart-clutching the drive, the diverse vistas, waterfalls, cliffs and the ocean plus the invitation of an unknown at every turn will make you lose sleep over them.

Click here to read more on our experience of driving to Hana and back on the same day.

Luau Dance Show

A MUST do while you are in Hawai’i, the Lua’u shows are an ode to the Hawaiian history and culture. Most shows have a buffet dinner serving traditional dishes in an oceanfront setting. We chose the Old Lahaina Luau of Maui to experience hula dancing and soak in the history. This one is slightly different from the others since the performance exclusively focuses on a mythological tribute to Hawaiian history. Read more on our take on Hawaiian history and hula dancing here.


Snorkeling in the Molokini Crater

For snorkelers and divers, the experience of swimming and enjoying marine life in an extinct volcanic crater can be heart warming. Molokini crater, just off the southwestern coast of Maui gives easy access to such activity. It is a popular tourist attraction as well, thereby a number of sailing charters do offer tours. Learn more about our experience here.

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