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Ottawa, nestled between Canada’s two largest cities, Montreal and Toronto, had far more to offer than we thought it had. A perfect blend of cityscape, art, culture, history, and people makes this non-descript capital city a must visit in a trip to the eastern part of the country. Although it is supposed to be an anglophone, plenty of people here

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Mexico City

Nestled between volcanoes and active plate boundaries, built upon thousands of years’ worth of ancient civilizations, and buried under the perils of every modern metro city, Mexico City hosts million tourists every year. A complex combination of vibrant art, fascinating history..

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Montreal, QC

Quebec City’s largest metro area, Montreal (phonetically mon-e-hal), presents an interesting mix of culture, history, and sheekness. With its French traditions, and ultra-modern looks, this city is basically a river island on the river St. Lawrence. It was late evening on a holiday weekend, when we drove into the city and checked in to our hotel in the downtown.

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A city so urban that nightlife can compete with that of Vegas, beaches so pristine that you will feel like you are in a tropical island. Cancun provides visitors a taste of sun, sand, ancient history, Mexican food, all while feeling being in the US.

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