Peace Lodge, Heredia, Costa Rica

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Highlight of the Costa Rica Trip

Want to get away from the cacophony of the city and seek refuge in the serene rain forests, while also dipping in luxury? The Peace Lodge in the Waterfall Gardens, a mere 30 miles from central San Jose, Costa Rica gives you exactly this feeling. Catch some trouts for lunch, bathe in a waterfall, night crawl with colorful amphibians or soak in the mist of the rainforest while hummingbirds chirp away in your private balcony.

Let’s talk about the experience –
The staff were amazing. Jonathan gave us a quick run down of the property, and Oscar took us for a tour around the area to show what we can expect.
A mesmerizing sight once you step out of the reception. You can see the cloud forest and an 180 panorama of the gardens below from where you can hear, smell and see the nature.

The rooms were luxury redefined; with your last name in the door plate, canopied bed, a waterfall shower, huge balcony with a hummingbird feeder, a hammock, and an outdoor hot tub. We received a chic red wine bottle for our anniversary as well.

The park/gardens has several attractions which common tourists can come visit too.

1. The butterfly gardens – has the beautiful butterflies including the Morphos,
2. The Aviary with parrots, macaos, and the indigenous Toucans,
3. Trout lake – you can catch your own fish for lunch
4. Others like Orchid Garden, Snake garden, Frog garden etc.

Next morning we went to the cascading waterfalls including the La Paz Waterfalls. There will be tourists coming in from San Jose to the waterfalls, so take advantage of your room within the park and get there bright and early. Then go for a quiet breakfast buffet while watching different species of birds come in and greet you.

Food – All the restaurants inside are worth checking out. Have lunch at Trout lake, dinner at the Vista Poas, and breakfast at the outside seating area.

Although quite expensive, you should definitely try to stay here for a night, which is exactly what we did. We reached here from San Jose around 10am. La Paz Peace lodge picked us up from an Airport area hotel for ~$75 in a private shuttle.

Overall, this is luxury and nature combined in one sweet little property. Should be a must in a Costa Rica trip.

Room Tip: The hotel has only 17 rooms, so book really early. Also, spend at least 2 nights to get the most out of the experience.
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