Doka Coffee and Sarchi

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We bought a package tour from that covered Poas, Doka, and Sarchi. It was an all day tour for about ~$80 pp. They picked us up around 8am from our hotel and dropped us back around 4:30pm.
After visiting Poas, we went to the Doka coffee estate. We stopped at a plantation where we could taste the coffee fruits, get information about how they pick the beans. You can speak with the workers there too for an intimate experience. Knowledge of the guide also enhances the experience. We had Alberto as our guide (from AnywhereCostaRica), and he was pretty knowledgable it seemed.
We then headed out to the processing plant where we had a buffet lunch. We could taste a few varieties of coffee. They showed the various stages of the coffee processing from the raw fruits until roasting. We got to see and learn how to roast coffee beans for flavor and caffeine content.
After lunch, we explored the butterfly garden in the property which was not quite well maintained but a nice stroll.

In a combo tour of Poas, Doka and Sarchi, this was our last stop. The Ox-cart factory and the excellent artsy pieces were amazing. We even spoke with the artists who make the colorful oxcart parts to learn about the intricacies.
The gift shop had a lot of Costa Rican souvenirs but was exceedingly pricey. For souvenirs, go to the market in Downtown San Jose, and you can find good bargains there.

In the central park in Sarchi, you cannot miss this large colorful Ox Cart. Back in the days when Ox carts were the primary means of transportation of people and goods, Costa Ricans made these colorful carts. This one, La Carreta is a beautiful piece of historical artifact that can have you awestruck. But lack of descriptions etc., near the piece makes it hard for a casual tourist to understand the significance.

Overall, I would not go there as a day trip, but as a combo tour, worth going.

Overall, coffee production is not quite high tech or complex and can be seen elsewhere too. But as a combo Tour with Poas and Sarchi, totally worth the time and money.

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