Whitewater Rafting in Rio de Savegre

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If hiking through the wetlands of the rain-forest or soaking in the mist of the cloud forest was not enough to live the tropical life, floating through the rapids nestled within the secluded canyons typically covers the full range. Watersports typically attract us the most if we have to choose among adventure options. Whitewater rafting, even when sounds fairly scary, was something on our cards from so long ago.

Near Manuel Antonio, there are a couple of river courses that has rapids ranging from II to V, but being first timers we chose the Rio de Savegre for being slightly on the mellower side. Our chosen operator, Amigos del Rio were the perfect partners to have us dip (literally) in the river water while having a fun time paddling through some of the nerve-wrenching rapids there can be.

We got picked up early in the morning followed by some healthy and hearty breakfast before leaving for the raft launch area. The journey itself started prepping us for what to img_0105expect and the fun stories (sometimes scary, but that is the point right?) that the driver and tour guides told us. As we drove up the mountain in unpaved, curvy, and sometimes alarming passageways, we started getting glimpses of the Savegre river. It seemed fairly mellow from that far up, but everything looks so sorted out from that far up anyway, right?

Well, a group of about 10 boats with 5-6 passengers and a guide hopped on to the rafts with their paddles, life-vest, action cameras, and all the courage they could gather. The first few minutes were to kill the ‘butterflies in the stomach’, and to prepare for whats

there to come. First rapid is always the hardest, after that even if it gets tougher, the fun never subsides. We paddled in sync, helped other raft-mates, joked around, took fun videos, dipped in the river waters, and probably made friends faster than in a bar.

Rapids were scary and sometimes spine-chilling when a sudden drop followed by a whiplash of water soaked the swimsuits. But we could not stop looking around to see the serenity and the placid beauty the canyons through rainforest covered hills had to offer. We spotted a vast array of plants, vegetation and wildlife during the quiet times in the river. We went through about 15 rapids of various difficulty but it felt like we belonged here. The connection we developed with the forest and mother nature just in this little journey seemed to be for a lifetime. What else coalesces the adventurer’s soul with the heart of mother Earth, and plants a seed to protect the environment for a lifetime in the heart?

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