Ziplining through the rainforest

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Okay, so we are in the rainforest, have walked through the misty wet pathways while trying to spot wildlife. But how about catching glimpses of the forest from a ‘birds-eye’ view? Through the rainforest, cutting across the valleys, with scintillating views of lake Arenal and the mountains looking down, birds and wildlife all around, you are bound to have a time of your lives.

Even having done ziplining before, we had our hearts pounding but the staff at Sky Adventures made it easy to get into the groove with professional instructions with light hearted humor. The tour starts with a open air gondola from the ground to the heights beyond the treetops stretching across the canyons. With 7 lines connected to adjacent mountains, completing a circuit to return back at ground level. Our favorite ones were the first and the last one (“Big Daddy”) for being long and fast with breathtaking views.
We bought the combo tour with ziplining and walk tours scheduled for an entire day of activities. For ziplining, there are steps that they take you through and if you can follow their easy instructions, you will have a fun filled day. The staff knows that you are shivering from the fear of height and what not, so they take good care of you. For small scratches and cuts, they have first aid readily available.

Overall, it was a good day out, but be advised of the touristy nature of the activities. So the feeling of getting real close to nature yet not quite there always looms.

TIPS – Carry a action cam like GoPro, you won’t regret. Their helmets have the GoPro groove for you to fix your camera to. Check out a montage of the rainforest through our GoPro lens in our channel.
They take still photos for you to pick up later but don’t trust those as it can misfire. For the combo tour, they offer a paid buffet lunch, but it was not that great. So if possible, carry sandwiches etc. You won’t be able to carry any items with you so need to use their lockers which are safe.

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