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Castel Sant’Angelo

Back to Rome On the western bank of the River Tiber, a prominent round structure, the Sant’Angelo castle can be seen from a distance. It was built by Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself in 130 A.D. As you enter through the courtyard, you can see the double line of windows sculpted by Michaelangelo. There are many rooms in

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Trevi Fountain

Back to Rome Rome is home to a number of iconic fountains and some more not-as-exuberant ones around the city. In some, water sprouts out from a Lion’s mouth, stone masks in others. But in terms of grandeur, nothing beats the Trevi; a brilliant Baroque creation, in an elaborate display of sculptures, headed by the chariot of Neptune shaped like

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Back to Rome Sitting in the central parts of the city, this iconic structure has held its own for more than two millenniums. Built a few years before Christ was born in honor of Augustus, Pantheon is one of the very few structures retaining its antiquity. Historians attribute the preservation to the fact that Pantheon has continually being used for

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Piazza Navona

Back to Rome An incredible jewel in the Roman Baroque scene, Piazza Navona is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rome. Travelers, street vendors, and petty thieves flock to this wide piazza almost the entire day. But we found this pleace to quiet down after 8pm, when you can take a breather by one of the fountain side

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Piazza del Popolo

Back to Rome The people’s square, the Piazza del Popolo with the obelisk at its center and two identical churches, is one of our favorite places to have casual meals and relax in Rome. Structurally, the piazza sits at the intersection of three streets, via del Babuino, via di Ripetta and via del Corso. Sitting at one of the steps

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