Piazza del Popolo

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The people’s square, the Piazza del Popolo with the obelisk at its center and two identical churches, is one of our favorite places to have casual meals and relax in Rome. Structurally, the piazza sits at the intersection of three streets, via del Babuino, via di Ripetta and via del Corso. Sitting at one of the steps or the balls in the perimeter, enjoy the timeless view of the cathedrals.

The obelisk was erected in 1589 by Pope Sixtus V, and the two churches Santa Maria di Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli were completed in the years after. Although both look identical, dome of one of them is actually oval in order to fit in the asymetric space.

The best view of the square, however, is from the gardens of the Pincio above the piazza. It is easier to access the terrace (Terraza del Pincio) from the Park villa Borghese. After you visit the Borghese Gardens and Borghese Art Gallery, take an afternoon walk through the park. It is a popular place for kids, evening walkers and even runners. (Read more on Borghese Gallery and Park here). One of the best sunset views with Piazza del Popolo can be found from the Pincio Terrace.

View of Piazza del Popolo from Pincio Gardens

Look down into the Piazza del Popolo from Pincio Gardens

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